Jura CLARIS White 4 ūdens filtru komplekts

SKU: 62911-201611



Ūdens filtrs paredzēts līdz 50 litriem ūdens vai nomainīt ik pēc 2 mēnešiem.

Use of CLARIS filter cartridges guarantees you freshly filtered, delicious-tasting water for your tea and coffee at all times. Designed specially for JURA fully automatic speciality coffee machines, it has a neutral pH and is placed directly in the water tank.

This gives you three important benefits:

The guarantee that your coffee water is freshly filtered before any cup of coffee is prepared.
Fresh water and unadulterated aromas guarantee your palate the coffee experience of a lifetime.
Lifelong protection for your machine (eliminating the need for descaling).
CLARIS from JURA is hard on scale, but soft on your coffee machine.

Only suitable for IMPRESSA XF and IMPRESSA XS.